on the beautiful St. Croix River

Water Utility

Water Utility

Water Utility Plant #2
1190 St. Croix Trail South
Lakeland, MN 55043

Voice:     651-436-8044 or 651-248-8136
FAX:       651-436-3949
Email:    jstanton@ci.lakeland.mn.us

Public Works Commissioner: Jim Stanton (Council Member)     P: 651-436-8044 / 651-248-8136

Utility Billing and Office Clerk:
P: 651-436-8044 / 651-248-8136

Services for the Water Department were contracted out at the April 18, 2017 City Council meeting to PeopleServices, Incorporated.

***For immediate assistance outside of regular business hours, please contact Public Works Commissioner Jim Stanton at 651.248.8136.***

DELIQUENT UTILITY BILL NOTICE: The City of Lakeland has the authority to certify to the property taxes any outstanding water bills as a special assessment. Certification occurs the month of November each year for bills more than 45 days past due.

NOTE TO NEW PROPERTY OWNERS: If you recently purchased a home within the City of Lakeland, you may want to verify that the final water bill was paid by the previous owner. Any outstanding water bill will be certified to your property as a special assessment.

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